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GAMMA International, Inc. - Natural Salt Crystal Products
Manufacturer of Natural Salt Crystal Products
  Mined from the foothills of the Himalayas
One of a Kind, Hand Crafted Salt Crystal Lamps

Premium Himalayan Natural Shaped Salt Crystal Lamps

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Member - Canadian Health Food Association

Our products were tested and approved by the Canadian Standards Association

We offer you the best value for your money

Our standard package includes the followings at no charge to you:
  • FREE Shipping in the Continental US & most of Southern Canada.
  • Our lamps are CSA Certified for Canada and UL Listed for US.
  • All lamps come with 6' long UL approved 18 gauge SPT-2 cords.
  • An informative tag attached to the base of the lamp with golden string.
  • A bulb of appropriate watts according to the size of the lamp, not just 7 watts as many other companies do.
  • Individually boxed & bar coded.
  • Our unique stainless steel GAMMA Quick-Change Light Bulb AssemblyTM to prevent rust, and to eliminates the potential hazard of a loose bulb breaking and the time consuming struggle of changing a light bulb, unlike all other salt lamps.
We Use Only Premium Salt Crystals

Retail Salt Lamps

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